It’s hard to believe that living in the richest country in the world people are just getting by.  I am employed and yet I struggle with just getting by.  This is my story.

I’m a single person who lived through and survived a painful experience which nearly cost me unimaginable ruin due to events outside of my control.  I did nothing wrong, but meet the wrong person who didn’t have my interests at heart.  I fell on hard times and picked myself up. I work hard every day, but I barely scrape by each month.  I know I am lucky to be employed, no matter how I dread the daily grind.  An ideal dream come true for me would be to get a raise, even a promotion.  I keep dreaming of the day where life would be so easy to buy the things I can’t currently afford.  With money being budgeted, I’ve learned to get creative when it comes to basic needs of life.  I’ve learned to live by necessity.

Sometimes it’s hard to plan for a vacation or to even shop for the basic necessities. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the simple pleasures in life as it’s like getting too used to comfort.  I make much less to live by to get ahead, but make too much to receive public assistance.  The rare times I have extra money, I have to decide whether to spend it for little moments of pleasure or be responsible and manage my money in case of an emergency I didn’t foresee happening.  I know there are no guarantees in life.

I realized even though I don’t have much, I have enough to share with others.  One of my new life goals was to help support and give back through donating of charitable items and volunteering for non-profit organizations.  Donating and volunteering may not be much, but to me, it has allowed me to be richer and be a part of something bigger than myself than feeling sorry for myself.  I also realized that asking for help didn’t make you weak, but human.  I was given a purpose and I was inspired to deal with any challenge head on.  But what really helped me was knowing I had to get to a place where I accepted what happened to me before any progress could be made.  This became my new reality.

I’m having it hard, but I’m getting through it and setting an example. I’m the one who has managed to survive insurmountable obstacles.  I’m the one who was tired of just getting by.


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