When things don’t go my way as I hoped or when I’m tired of failing at everything I attempt because the pace I expected didn’t develop, I felt like throwing in the towel, but I didn’t.  This is my story.

When I decided I had enough, I experienced so much uncertainty of the future and fear of the unknown.  Restlessness and questioning decisions made earlier made things difficult, but with inner strength I knew I could get through it.  What made me stay and fight longer and continue to hang on?  I didn’t want these things to define me.  I realized in life there will always be stages where you explore, accept, and reflect on things you have no control over in this world.  Past and present mistakes became life’s training.  To persevere in any situation made me realize courage in action.  To fight the urge to be discouraged when disengagement and resignation roared their heads in my direction made me realize mental toughness. I learned I could find a balance I could live with and give myself permission to do so.

Learning how to set my goals meant empowering myself to make adjustments to a present plan or find a new strategy or method to accomplish them.  I knew once I found a way to accomplish my goals, I wouldn’t abandon them when things got tough.  When lessons are learned, experiences are gained.

In the end, the benefits are undeniable.  I learned to overcome obstacles by persevering through tough times and maintaining a passion for any goal I wanted to accomplish and build a foundation for long term success.  I can’t control unexpected circumstances, but I can control me. 


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