My memories of my past have become my guide for the future.  To know me and have an idea of what I have experienced, you have to connect to me through my memories and understand why they will never fade.  This is my story.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many experiences.  The positive experiences were everything in life I wanted them to be; some perfect, some wonderful, some fantastic.  However, there were also some experiences that were negative.  No matter how much I wanted them to be a perfect, there were some moments in time which changed the course of everything that was important to me.  

It’s no surprise then that I try to reconstruct and relive the negative experiences to try to prevent those moments from happening again.    No matter how hard I tried, there was no way to alter those memories.  I remembered them strongly and in great detail.  For me, these memories were negative representations of the past.  They were guarded and intended to be put away never to see the light of day, but I realized the positive and negative memories defined who I am.  All the memories were a way of informing me of who I am and who I could be.  For me, they were the truths that I didn’t want to acknowledge and the reality I had to face.

Remembering my triumphs and failures have allowed me to understand myself and others.  I realized that through my memories of the past, they will never fade as they will help me define the future.  To understand what was happening on the outside, I had to understand what was happening on the inside.







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