What I Learned When Keeping a Promise

What I Learned When Keeping a Promise

It seemed like it was only yesterday when I spoke to you and you asked me to looked after a loved one before you passed.  I knew I would keep my promise and you would have nothing to worry about in this life or the next one you entered.  This is my story.

In the grand scheme of my life, my promise to you would be my ultimate test.  My self worth would be measured by it.  My everlasting struggle would be my failure in keeping it.

It was clear what you expected.  My thoughts and feelings raced to what kind of reasoning I could use to justify not fulfilling that promise.  My feelings of uncertainty, my inability to be unwilling and incapable of the task before me added fuel to the enormity of the reality I faced.  In my mind, I reasoned life happens and things come up.  In my heart, I knew I was rationalizing, but I knew my promise to you had power.  I knew the benefits of keeping it and the penalties if I didn’t.

In that moment, I rose to my potential and challenged myself.  I had to learn about me and develop into a better person.  I pushed myself and worked harder to fulfill my promise to you.  I embraced personal sacrifice more than I let on to those around me.  I chose persistence and perseverance instead of impatience and discomfort.  I was empowered to create a plan and take on any real and imagined obstacles along the way.

I will continue to keep my word to you and honor my commitment and I shall reap my greatest reward later.  My promise to you mattered because you mattered.

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The Homecoming

The Homecoming

I began my journey on this day. I knew it would be bigger than myself. I knew it would change the lives of my family and friends forever. They were my foundation and they made me who I am. Today, I didn’t know what to expect. This was going to happen once in my lifetime and I was not prepared for what was about to come. On this day, I became a homecoming queen. This is my story.

The day had been what I imagined it to be. I could not believe this was happening to me.   I was dressed in all my finery from head to toe. My family always wanted me to look my best no matter the occasion. They never overlooked one detail in preparation. They remembered the little things I wanted for this day. It was always important to me how my hair was styled and the color of the dress I wanted to wear. It took their breath away when they saw what I looked like. I could imagine all those before me experiencing the same struggles and anxiety I did. I was sure they had the same questions, the same comments, and the same feelings about the entire homecoming experience as I did which offered me some much needed comfort.

The ceremony was short, clear, and meaningful for me as I always wanted it to be.  My family and friends were in attendance and watching me solemnly. As the day went on, people talked about me and the impact I made in their lives. I knew familiar and unfamiliar faces would begin to fill the sidewalks and streets quickly.  As on cue, they waited patiently for me along the procession route. Occasionally, there were muffled conversations met with respectful silence as I was driven past them. Once I arrived at my destination, I was carried from my driven vehicle with all the pomp and circumstance befitting me.  I was gently laid in my final resting place.  I had died, but my spirit had not.

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