As a consumer, I feel it’s the responsibility of those who I pay for a service or product to adjust their attitude and respect my rights as a consumer.  This is my story.

All businesses know me.  I am their  lifeline.  It’s not a question of whether a business would make or lose money on me. It boils down to giving me what I expect when paying for a product or service:  fairness, respect and dignity.  I should never feel undeserved and undervalued in a business.

I understand all consumers are not reasonable all the time.  I understand customer service does not have a one size fits all.  I understand you can’t please everyone who comes to a business for a service or product because everyone is different.  Maybe not, but I want you to understand that as a business, it’s up to you to be creative from the moment I enter your doors.  Don’t continue to offer me poorly conceived and outdated products and services. I will not settle for services or products that ignore my needs.  It’s your responsibility to approach me and get to know me personally.  It’s your responsibility to find out what my individual needs are if I don’t readily reveal them.  It’s your responsibility to educate yourself and offer a tailored product or service I can value or use.   When you properly deal with me, you may develop an opportunity for me to be a repeat customer.

I acknowledge there have been personal financial stories about businesses not valuing a consumer’s rights.  These stories are not always about the rights of paying consumers, but the lack of dignity and respect given to any human being when services or products are paid for, not rendered, and how it reflects on each of us.  If I am dissatisfied as a consumer, I need to be able to expose and address ill treatment and with available  channels at my disposal to stand up for my rights.  I have the right to protect myself from fraud and abuse.

Companies are in the business of competing fiercely for your consumer monies; however, when I feel a business shows a lack of concern or fails to acknowledge what matters to me, that business will no longer retain me as a consumer.  I should never feel overburdened and overwhelmed when entering a business and buying a service or product. 

I find society has always been separated on how it generates income and how it influences a business’ reception to you.  The problem comes when society readily expects and accepts less than what they are worth by a business who can’t control and balance their priorities.  A business will never have a problem reinforcing public perception that they have unlimited power undervaluing consumers and are trained to put their interests and profits first above everything. 

Please remember if I enter a business and its staff does not care of me as a consumer, rest assured that if I go to its competition, they will.


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